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The purpose of this site is to promote community food-buying clubs. When I first joined a food-buying club in Alsea, Oregon, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I never knew such a thing existed.

I decided to use my programming skills to contribute back to the people who started it and made it work, and to help this great idea spread. I have written internet software that makes the administrative and organizational tasks of running a food-buying club (co-op) very simple. It allows people to join their orders together quickly, keeping track of prices for each item, and can even handle splits, where many people split a single case of something. It takes much of the headache out of combining orders to send to the wholesaler, and then figuring out how much everyone owes after the order comes in.

The software is provided as an online application through this web site. You can create a new account for your buying-club here.

See the fully functional demonstration site to see how it works (login=sample password=sample). It is designed to work with any vendor, and currently serves buying-clubs around the world who order from many different vendors on various flexible order cycles.

As you explore and use the software, please e-mail us with any suggestions for improvements you would like. It has grown to its current state over years of use by buying-clubs across multiple continents, who suggest improvements and report bugs.

And I look up to the people who are less bought than I,
You can show them what you're selling,
and they'll only ask you why.
And their paychecks don't have lots of zeros,
They're my friends and they're my heroes.
And the TV sets are angry cause they just can't make 'em pay,
But I like the way these people read the signs and walk away,

-- Dar Williams

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