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WLBC is made up of people just like... you.  The group currently is comprised of over 150 families and 600+ members, with over two dozen local farmers helping feed both our members and our local community, and a dozen and a half larger companies whom supply us with non-local goods and needs. 

Interested in joining or need more information?

Visit www.louisvillewholelife.org


Only members can log in and access our information and ordering pages, but if you are interested in more information you can:

1. Track down the person who referred you to the group and request an informational brochure and packet.

2. If you found us out of the blue, drop us an email at the email address given below - LET US KNOW WHERE OR HOW YOU HEARD ABOUT THE GROUP, a phone number to contact you at, and a few good times to call.

 admin AT (symbol) lwl DOT (a dot, not the word dot... sorry, trollers are a pain for us all trying to protect our email addresses) foodclub DOT org.


Louisville Whole Life Buying Club