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The RFCC is a private food club that helps our members to obtain high quality foods at afordable prices while organizing into a powerful multifaceted force to actively improve the local food web. A food web involves all the roles needed to get food to your belly, from growing to distribution to consuming. When you spend your money for food, you vote to help sustain the system that brought you that food. Many people are beginning to wake up to the power that they have to change our food web for the better by "voting with their dollars" for local, sustainable, job-creating, more secure ways to "do food". Join the movement for ubiquitous Nutrient Dense Foods!


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For questions contact Michael at 513-553-9868 (land line) or 513-348-2501 (cell for texting) or and note that the 553-9868 number rings to the cell phone, so the voicemail is the cell phone voicemail.

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We are in the pre-launch phase. During this time we are using the software to help us to gather 1500 members who pay $48 to join our club and to help create a software that will help any club, CSA, Food Hub, Cooperative, Farmer's Market, food distribution company and other entities dealing with food to do it in ways that are more efficient, better for the farmers/producers, distributors, marketers, and consumers as well as the environment, public security, and economic soundness with high employment.


If you don't yet have a Dwolla account, sign up here for the Dwolla payment system. Dwolla is a system to make online payments for little or no cost. It is much better than credit cards, PayPal or check online and saves our club the fees associated with these payment methods. You sign up in a similar fashion to PayPal here:  Dwolla Registration


We take checks and Dwolla for payments, no cash (this is for better record keeping).


Here is a presentation for learning how to use the FoodClub software: